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Basics/AdHocs/Prop Dev:

ORA is in the process of transitioning from Coeus to Kuali Research which will be implemented in late September 2017.  We will begin providing training for Kuali Research in August 2017. 
Due to this transition, we do not have any currently scheduled Coeus Basics, Coeus Ad Hoc, or Coeus Proposal Development classes.  We will begin regularly scheduled classes in October 2017, once the conversion to Kuali Research is complete. Departments that currently use Coeus Proposal Development will have training available in advance of the September go-live of Kuali Research. Those individuals who will need view only access to Institute Proposal, Award, and Subawards are also encouraged to attend training for Kuali Research. 
During this transition period, if you have a need for any of these classes, please email letting us know which class you would like to take.  We will keep a list of those interested, and once we have enough students, we will schedule a session for that class.
Thank you for your patience as we go through this transition.

Coeus Accounts:

To obtain a Coeus Account: Please fill out and submit the Coeus Account Request Form. This form will need to be signed by your department head. You may either email the form to or send it by campus mail to Sally Egloff, ORA, 3112 Lee Building. Once you have submitted this form, your Coeus account will be created but not yet activated.  Your account will be activated when you have attended the Coeus Basics class.

Coeus Account Request Form


ORA is in the process of transitioning from Coeus to Kuali Research which will be implemented in late September 2017. As part of this transition, DivIT and ORA are updating the Data Warehouse which will house Kuali Research information and the tools available to provide these data in canned queries. The initial phase of this project includes highly-significant data on submitted proposals and awards. The second phase of the project will include more in depth data on submitted proposals, awards, and subawards.
Access to ORA’s Coeus reports on WOW will still be granted during the transition, however, live training will not be available. You can access a WOW training presentation here. Custom data requests submitted here will continue to be fulfilled. is transitioning the way in which application packages are completed from downloaded Adobe Forms to a web-based form via Workspace on December 31, 2017. ORA will aid in the transition to Workspace starting in October 2017. Prior to October 2017, please continue to use Adobe Forms or Coeus Proposal Development for system-to-system submission if your department is a Coeus department. 
Live training for will not be available until October. If you need information about how to find and complete a package, please refer to the section on ORA’s eSystems page here. Specific questions may be referred to your department’s ORA Contract Administrator



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