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Coeus training is designed to help Business Administrators use Coeus to find information about sponsored research awards and proposals and to generate reports. If you are new to Coeus and wish to have access, you must have a Coeus account and attend Coeus Basics training.

Training offered:

  • Coeus BasicsCoeus Basics is designed for individuals who have never used Coeus or have not used Coeus regularly. In this class, participants will learn how to search for information in the Institute Proposal, Award, and Subaward modules. The class will cover Coeus search and navigation techniques, detail tabs for each module, and how to locate credit split information, PI awards, sponsor information, total amount of funding requested/awarded, etc. Additionally, the class will demonstrate how to view, save and print award and subaward attachments.
  • Ad Hoc ReportsCoeus Ad Hoc Reports is for individuals who have taken the Coeus Basics class and are interested in searching for information in the Institute Proposal or Award modules and using the results to create reports in Excel. Examples of reports include number of proposals submitted by a PI during different fiscal years, number and amount of awards received by a College or by a department during a specific time frame, number and amount of awards from a particular sponsor, such as NSF, current and pending reports for PIs, etc.
  • Proposal Development(limited to staff in units that currently use Proposal Development) – Proposal Development is an intensive nine hour class (held over three days) that covers all steps in proposal development from initial data entry to submission for approval for both system-to-system (S2S) and non-S2S proposals. Topics include initial data entry, sponsors, investigators (with credit split)/key personnel, budgets, adding a subaward, narratives, and completing questionnaires/certifications. Once the proposal is ready for submission, the class discusses submission, routing, and recall scenarios. To register, please contact Sally Egloff (

Coeus Accounts:

To obtain a Coeus Account: Please fill out and submit the Coeus Account Request Form. This form will need to be signed by your department head. You may either email the form to or send it by campus mail to Sally Egloff, ORA, 3112 Lee Building. Once you have submitted this form, your Coeus account will be created but not yet activated.  Your account will be activated when you have attended the Coeus Basics class.

Coeus Account Request Form


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