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Don't see your question here? Please email kr-help@umd.edu

Q: How do I access Kuali Research?


Kuali Research is web-based and is accessed with your UMD Directory ID and password at kr.umd.edu.

Q: Are there any basic searching tips for Kuali Research?


Yes, Kuali Research uses the asterisk as the wild card character. More search and navigation tips can be found here:

Navigation and Search Guide

Q: How does an investigator certify a proposal?


A UMD investigator must certify each proposal he/she is named on before that proposal can be submitted for routing in Kuali Research. In those instances where the investigator is not the proposal creator, the proposal creator will send a notification from Kuali Research to the investigator. This notification will contain a link to the certification page for that investigator for that proposal.

Q: Who approves proposals in Kuali Research?


Proposal Development proposals are approved at the Lead Unit, the Lead College, and ORA. At each approval stop, a primary and alternate approver(s) have been identified. Only one approval is needed at any stop to move the proposal to the next stop.

Q: Who has access to the Proposal Development record?


Access to the Proposal Development module is limited based on roles within a unit or on a proposal, unlike the rest of Kuali Research. Proposal Creators have access to records he/she created and have the ability to add other viewers to that record. Investigators have view access to their Kuali Research proposals by default. Proposal Approvers have view access to those proposals which he/she needs to approve. Departments and Colleges can contact the KR Help Desk to make changes to the list of Proposal Aggregators and Proposal Viewers for a unit. Aggregators work with many investigators in a unit(s) to create proposals and Viewers have only view rights to all proposals within a unit/college.

Q: I received an email that an action was taken on an award, how do I find out the details?


The award notice contains a link to the award in Kuali Research. Click on the link to go to that Award document in Kuali Research. On the Award tab under Dates and Details, the transaction type and notice date will tell you what action was taken and when it was taken. Your ORA CA will have added in a Comment in the Comments, Notes, and Attachments section with more information.


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